Wanting to move to an acreage?

If you're considering buying an acreage between 0-20 acres outside of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. Land Use and Zoning: It's important to check the zoning and land use regulations that apply to the property before buying. These regulations may impact how you can use the land, whether you can build on it, and what kind of structures you can erect.

  2. Soil Quality: Soil quality is a crucial factor to consider when buying an acreage, particularly if you plan to farm or garden. Different areas in Saskatchewan have varying soil types, and it's essential to understand what kind of soil is present on the land.

  3. Water Source and…

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Purchasing or converting your home to a secondary suite in Saskatoon

It can be a great way to generate additional rental income or provide housing for family members. However, before purchasing a secondary suite, there are several factors that you should consider. In this blog post, we will discuss what to consider when purchasing a secondary suite.

What is a secondary suite?

A secondary suite is a self-contained dwelling unit located within a one-unit dwelling where both dwelling units constitute a single real estate entity. 

Can I develop a secondary suite in my house?

All one-unit dwellings are allowed to have a second suite except for one-unit dwellings on group dwelling sites. 

Secondary suites are not allowed in…

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Property Information from the City of Saskatoon, Building Standards

While buying a home is an exciting time! We want to make sure you are getting as much information & clarification about the property as we possible can so you, as a buyer can make well informed educated decision.

A common condition is Saskatoon is viewing  & approving Property Information Disclosure from the city of Saskatoon. 

A Property Information Disclosure report provides information relating to:

  • Building and plumbing permit history and deficiencies
  • Occupancy permits for existing suites in one-unit dwellings
  • Outstanding fire orders
  • Heritage and zoning designations
  • Outstanding landscaping and parking requirements
  • Presence of additional zoning…

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March Market Update in Saskatoon

Inventory levels remain an issue in Saskatoon. 


Inventory levels in Saskatoon remains a significant concern as the city reports supply level nearly 37% long term trends. 

As of result of that, over 100 of the sales in March sold for full price or over asking. 

March had 582 new listings hit the market, which is down over 20% compared to last year. 

Our inventory was 923 properties, out of that, 565 were single family homes. 

Now for sales.. 

397 properties sold in all of Saskatoon. 

 On Average single family homes were selling for $446,000 & were taking on average 44 days to sell. 

Apartments sold on average for $206,000 & were taking 53 days on average to sell. 

The months…

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Sales activity slowed for the second consecutive month, contributing to a year-to-date decline of 19 per cent. Further declines in new listings kept inventory levels 36 per cent below 10-year averages for the month and the months of supply remained under four month.

In February there was 253 sales in Saskatoon.  409 New listings hit the market, making our total inventory 886 homes on the market.

Our average sale price for single family homes in February were $423,379 as there was 144 sales

Average sale price for townhomes was $298,000 as there was 33 sales

February saw 50 apartment sales in Saskatoon & were selling on average for $205,000

23% of homes sold…

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Looking to become a homeowner & get a mortgage ?

Getting pre-approved involves the following:

1. Gather financial information: Collect your most recent pay stubs, bank statements, tax returns, & other financial documents that show your income, expenses & assets. 

2. Choose a lender: Research different lenders, compare interest rates, & loan terms, & choose one that fits your needs & budget/

3. Complete loan application: Provide the lender with your financial information, including your employment history, credit score, & debt-to-income ratio. 

4. Submit supporting documentation: Your lender will need to verify your financial information, so be prepared to provide proof of income, employment, & assets. 

5. Get Pre-approved: The lender…

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????Market Update in Saskatoon for January

We saw a 17% decline in Sales- there was only 201 sales in Saskatoon which is okay because that’s relatively consistent with long term trends for this time of Year. While higher lending rates are impacting sales, a lack of new listings & low inventory remains to be an issue. 415 new listings hit the market, the lowest level since 2008 & over 35% lower than we usually expect to see this time of year. Single family homes were selling on average for 412,000 Apartments were selling on average for 200,000 Townhomes selling for 250,000 Interesting take away for January- 15% of the sales sold for full price or over asking. The most popular neighbourhood in January was…

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2022 in Review in Saskatoon for December

Jill Bird with Re/max Saskatoon with your quick update. .

Supply continues to be a challenge, as new listings have decreased significantly as our total inventory was 827 properties which 501 were single family homes. December had 233 new properties hit the market, making that a 28% decrease compared to December 2021.

As the weather cools off, so did the sales in December has we had  24% decline in sales compared to December 2021 with a total of 203 in Saskatoon. But out of those 203 sales 12 sold for full price & 14 sold over asking. 

On the positive side, our average sale price for detached homes has gone up making it $419,851 in December. & townhomes had an average sale price of 279,119. We had…

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Inventory levels remain over 25% below 10year average.  


Saskatoon Real Estate Market Update in November 2022

Inventory levels fell to the lowest level reported in over a decade!!! The Sales have gradually declined 15% in Saskatoon for November

The city of Saskatoon reported benchmarked price of $367,800, which is 3% higher than This time last year.

November bad 269sales in November; 34% lower than this time last year. We had 419 new listings hit the market with a total inventory count of 1,024 listings. Saskatoon had a 3.8month supply of inventory as homes took on averages 44days to sell in November. Houses were selling for 97% of asking price.  Our average sale for single family homes was $404,000. There was 19 properties that…

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Easing sales in October contributed to a year-to-date sales 
decline of over 12 % when compared to last year’s record
highs. That said, sales continue to far exceed pre-pandemic
levels and speak to the strength of the Saskatoon market. October has 319 sales in Saskatoon, 192 of those were single family homes. 510 new listings hit the market in October; 322 of those were single family. Our total inventory was 1,098 properties giving us a 3.4 month supply of inventory. 

The City of Saskatoon recorded a benchmark price of $371,600, which is actually up 4.4 per cent increase year-over-year. Interesting takeaways from the month. 
Saskatoon had 2 sales over 1 million dollars for the money- one in…

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