Looking to become a homeowner & get a mortgage ?

Getting pre-approved involves the following:

1. Gather financial information: Collect your most recent pay stubs, bank statements, tax returns, & other financial documents that show your income, expenses & assets. 

2. Choose a lender: Research different lenders, compare interest rates, & loan terms, & choose one that fits your needs & budget/

3. Complete loan application: Provide the lender with your financial information, including your employment history, credit score, & debt-to-income ratio. 

4. Submit supporting documentation: Your lender will need to verify your financial information, so be prepared to provide proof of income, employment, & assets. 

5. Get Pre-approved: The lender…

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????Market Update in Saskatoon for January

We saw a 17% decline in Sales- there was only 201 sales in Saskatoon which is okay because that’s relatively consistent with long term trends for this time of Year. While higher lending rates are impacting sales, a lack of new listings & low inventory remains to be an issue. 415 new listings hit the market, the lowest level since 2008 & over 35% lower than we usually expect to see this time of year. Single family homes were selling on average for 412,000 Apartments were selling on average for 200,000 Townhomes selling for 250,000 Interesting take away for January- 15% of the sales sold for full price or over asking. The most popular neighbourhood in January was…

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