Purchasing or converting your home to a secondary suite in Saskatoon

It can be a great way to generate additional rental income or provide housing for family members. However, before purchasing a secondary suite, there are several factors that you should consider. In this blog post, we will discuss what to consider when purchasing a secondary suite.

What is a secondary suite?

A secondary suite is a self-contained dwelling unit located within a one-unit dwelling where both dwelling units constitute a single real estate entity. 

Can I develop a secondary suite in my house?

All one-unit dwellings are allowed to have a second suite except for one-unit dwellings on group dwelling sites. 

Secondary suites are not allowed in…

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Property Information from the City of Saskatoon, Building Standards

While buying a home is an exciting time! We want to make sure you are getting as much information & clarification about the property as we possible can so you, as a buyer can make well informed educated decision.

A common condition is Saskatoon is viewing  & approving Property Information Disclosure from the city of Saskatoon. 

A Property Information Disclosure report provides information relating to:

  • Building and plumbing permit history and deficiencies
  • Occupancy permits for existing suites in one-unit dwellings
  • Outstanding fire orders
  • Heritage and zoning designations
  • Outstanding landscaping and parking requirements
  • Presence of additional zoning…

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March Market Update in Saskatoon

Inventory levels remain an issue in Saskatoon. 


Inventory levels in Saskatoon remains a significant concern as the city reports supply level nearly 37% long term trends. 

As of result of that, over 100 of the sales in March sold for full price or over asking. 

March had 582 new listings hit the market, which is down over 20% compared to last year. 

Our inventory was 923 properties, out of that, 565 were single family homes. 

Now for sales.. 

397 properties sold in all of Saskatoon. 

 On Average single family homes were selling for $446,000 & were taking on average 44 days to sell. 

Apartments sold on average for $206,000 & were taking 53 days on average to sell. 

The months…

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