Central West Saskatoon Homes 

The central west side of Saskatoon has seen community efforts for revitalization of the neighbourhoods, most notably in Riversdale where several new homes and condos have been built with green initiatives like electric car shares and energy-efficient homes. Riversdale residents can also enjoy the tremendous growth of restaurants and shops along 20th street, the farmers' market and River Landing. Residents of Holiday Park have nature at their fingertips in close proximity to the river, walking and skiing trails, parks, and the Rowing Club.




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Central West Saskatoon Homes For Sale

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The central west side of Saskatoon is comprised of two Suburban Development Areas: Core Neighbourhood Area SDA and part of Confederation SDA.

Core Neighbourhood SDA

Pleasant Hill, Westmount, Caswell Hill, Riversdale, and King George. Also included is Mayfair which is part of Lawson SDA.

Confederation SDA

Mount Royal, Hudson Bay Park, Meadowgreen, and Holiday Park.

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